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I'd totally buy and play a BIG game of this small game! Please keep it going!!

iOS release when??? 🙏🙏🙏

I loved the style and the game, keep it going

it looks like splatoon for me

 I liked the idea and graphics of your game very much and I played your game to take videos on youtube. I hope you enjoy my video.

Thank you for posting the game play movie!!

You're welcome!

hi. just wanted to let you know "GummyShooter" was featured in the Indie Hunters Best of 2019 stream. it received awards for Best Music (2:27:44) and Best Character Design (3:04:14)


Woah!! Thank you for picking Gummy Shooter!! I'm glad!!

the game didnt open for me when i downloaded it. i extracted all from the .zip file, and there were 2 application files. one seemed to be the actual game, and the other had some distorted text as the name,,, neither of them would open :/

Thank you for the report!
The file whose name is corrupted is probably the Japanese version of the executable file, so it does not matter.
Unable to open the file is an unknown bug.
If you do not mind, please tell us your PC specifications.

this was a great game and definitely had unique tactics. i loved the game intro, with the title art flying onto the screen. only gripes were loud bullets and having to repeat the "tutorial" stage every time i died. excellent pixel art and music. is the ost available anywhere?


Thank you for posting the game review movie!!

I'll use your opinion for future reference!!

please add language pt br

Thank you for playing!!

There is no plan to support that language in this game, sorry...

ok I completely understand

可愛い uwu

Thank you!!

I think 可愛い is very important thing!!

This is totally rad! The store page doesn't do it justice. Looks great, sounds great, feels great, I can see myself being glued to this one for a while. My Japanese is pretty terrible, but I was still able to understand the game through clever design alone. That's pretty impressive.

Though it would be nice to have a proper translation with all the UI elements in full English, but not entirely necessary.

Can't wait to see what you'll make next!

Thank you!!

I'm glad to be a lot praised!!

I made English version,thank you for advice me!!

Please look forward to next!!





Thank you!! I'm glad you have fun!!

Good game

Thank you!!







ello I really enjoyed your little game cant wait to see more can really see this as a mobile game! I did a review for you as well sorry about the sound but skip to the end if you want my thoughts the sound is clear then! 

Thankyou for posting the game review movie!!🙌🙌🙌

No problem I enjoyed playing it! :) 

Pretty simple mechanic and yet pretty entertaining!

It could perfectly be an arcade machine game

Love the artstyle!!

Thank you so much 🙌🙌🙌